We specialise in defining and running digital projects from conception to rollout.

We help our clients focus their efforts and get to the finish line.


We will work alongside you to determine the requirements and get you from zero and up and running.


Second opinion

A simpler, completed, project is always better than a end-all, be-all super solution that never emerges. We help our clients manage stakeholder requirements, simplify and launch.

UX / Product design

Great product design is the ability to remove clutter and focus on great, usable features.

Project management

We help our clients get more out of their budgets. We help our clients with vendor selection, contracts, specifications and project management.

Kristian is by far one of the most skilled technical consultants I have worked with. All issues and challenges were met with great and cost effective solutions. Often by thinking outside the box.

Kristian was also a skilled project manager of many different kind of projects (corporate videos, videoportal management and the initial vendor selection of the solution, etc.)

All in all I really appreciate Kristian’s knowledge of the technical side of digital marketing and communications – it contributed hugely to making all projects he was involved in a succes.

On another note Kristian has a great personality so I can truly recommend him for projects or long term assigments.

Tine Kirkegaard

Digital Media Manager, Carlsberg Group

Great people are usually experts in several fields. Kristian is a rare species, with a deep, practical technological background, a great eye for design and communications as well as a deep understanding of business.

Kristian was our external CTO and UX, product-designer and project manager during the development and early years of our startup, ahandyhand. He was responsible for grinding the core business requirements and ideas into a workable web app and keeping the teams in Ukraine and Denmark in sync and working in the same direction.

He will drive and challenge the teams for which he is responsible to deliver better work, always keeping an eye on the next step and the business requirements. Also, Kristian is not afraid to challenge you if he feels you are making questionable decisions – and he will usually be right.

Christian Arensbak

Director, Arensbak

Kristian Klok Pedersen

Kristian Klok Pedersen

Director and senior digital consultant

Kristian is a down-to-earth, no-nonsense, entrepreneurial senior digital consultant, project manager and user experience guy. Even with a hands-on tech heavy background he is proficient in several disciplines and really excels in cross-functional roles.

He is a business minded, big-picture long term thinker with years of commercial international digital experience in a broad range of sectors.

Kristian enjoys travel and loves to fly small aircraft.

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